Each child is entitled to a harmonious childhood within its family, the first domain of socialization . Each parent must have the actual opportunity to take up his/her statutory family responsibilities by caring him/herself for his/her child(ren) full- or part-time, or by entrusting it/them to competent carers, if this is necessary because of parental participation in the world of remunerated labour.
The parents’ home must be recognized as a childcare facility.
This is about CHILDREN’S RIGHTS.

Are there scientific and trustworthy indicators on the impact on children of early socialization within or without the family?
Are the consequences of European policies for families and child development known?
Are the needs and requests of children and adolescents known? The impact on the life for large families?

FEFAF requests:

  • a real policy FOR children and their family, not for parents or employers only (employment policy)
  • the possibility of choosing oneself the person responsible for the care of their children
  • adequate policies for families with three or more children, the “Large Families”